Thank You

Sunday 1st June was an emotional and truly memorable day for me. It felt like a formal farewell to my role at Epiphany House and for the Trust, but it was more than that. It was an occasion to remember (mostly good times but some challenging and difficult times!); it was an occasion to give thanks to God for this remarkable place and the work it enables (and indeed does with its very presence). It was an occasion when I was thanked – which was lovely – it is always good to know that what you have done has been appreciated. However, I must turn these thanks to God for calling me to this special place. If you were present at the service you will have heard me tell how I came to apply for the job 9 years ago, and how strong the call was to come. I have been sustained through the whole time by that calling, through prayer, and faith. Somehow, I found energy and determination to push through even the challenging times but the rewards have been great. It is sometimes tricky to discern when to move on, but again here God helped me, calling me into ordained ministry and then right at the end of working life into parish life. It has not been easy to say farewell to something that I have put my heart and soul into, but the time was right to finish that chapter and allow the new one to open up. I have such confidence in Jane and the team to write this next chapter and my prayers will be with them. It seemed fitting that my final official duty was to cut the ribbon with Leslie (the former Chair of Trustees) to ‘open’ the new extension which I hope has secured the future of the House so that the next chapter can be written.

Now to the thankyous…..

A huge thank you ……

To Jane , my support through my whole time at Epiphany, and a good and valued friend,

for the wonderful staff team (both past and present) without whom we couldn’t function,

to the Board of Trustees who have had faith in me and belief in the work of the House

to the band of volunteers who do so much – much of which is unseen

to the Prayer Community and others who constantly hold the work of the House in prayer

to all those who use the House and value what it stands for….

to those who have supported me and given me encouragement along the way – you know who you are!

Thank you, Jane and Debbie, for organising the Thanksgiving Service and the delicious tea, Leslie for you very kind words. Thank you for a wonderful send off and for a hugely generous farewell gift, for your messages and prayers, encouragement and support.

I will certainly continue to pray for the work of the House and I will be an occasional ‘user’ and I have already started recommending Epiphany both as a venue and a spiritual haven!!

Thank you all.