• Epiphany House – ‘a heaven of peace and calm in what can be a very troubled world’

    It’s a cold frosty morning in late January 2009 and I am to attend a meeting with representatives from local NHS and Social Services departments at a venue I have never heard of in Truro – Epiphany House. Where is it? What

  • Connect Art Group

    On Monday 21st March the CONNECT art group from Holy Trinity Church, St, Austell spent a wonderful afternoon at Epiphany House.

  • Welcome to the Operations Director

    Those of us who have known Epiphany House over the years have been struck by the way the ‘right person’ emerges to meet a need at the ‘right time.’ Some may attribute this to Providence, some have seen it as

  • The Tuesday Team

    The Epiphany Team grows in numbers daily. People discover the house and its grounds on a walk which takes them through the beautiful grounds of the house or by word of mouth. Our Tuesday group come along and together work

  • Welcome to Epiphany House

    Testimonial from Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum

    Visitors most often remark on the wonderful service they receive from our staff and the lovely ambience of the House. This month we were delighted to receive a testimonial from Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum

  • Angel over Kyiv

    A picture taken in Kyiv this morning. The clouds forming an image of an angel above the city where the main Cathedral is dedicated to the Archangel Michael who cast Lucifer into Hell.

  • Prayer service for the Ukraine at Truro Cathedral

  • Prayer for the Ukraine

    A candle of is being burnt in the Epiphany House Chapel for the country of Ukraine and its people as a sign of hope, peace, and solidarity in this fragile time.

  • Janette Mullett – a Brief Appreciation

    By Acting Chairman, Michael Tedder As Janette’s contract as Director of Epiphany House formally comes to an end on 31 January, and she takes on a new role in the parish of All Saints, Highertown, I should like to express

  • A thank you to Epiphany House from ‘Connect’ group.

    As we are all aware the pandemic has taken its toll on the majority of us, some more than most, people have struggled with both their physical and mental health, however from what I have heard the greatest struggle was

  • Out with the old …

    saying farewell to our old mower which has done many years sterling service but sadly is now broken beyond repair, and welcome to our shiny new mower that we have been able to purchase due to the generosity of a benefactor.

  • For those who have far to travel

    An extract from a poem by Jan Richardson entitled ‘For those who have far to travel’, really speaks to me about the journey I have been on for the last 9 years.  But the place I ‘knew not’ has become the place I love and care for deeply. 

  • Audio Visual Technology for Hybrid Meetings

    Our new Audio Visual Technology for Hybrid Meetings consists of a large touch screen with its own internal PC so it is possible to connect both online and in-person audiences and speakers.

  • Building Project: Phase 1 complete

    Phase 1 of our Restore & Renew building project is now complete. We’re delighted to say we’ve now got our building regulations certification for the new wing at Epiphany House which will provide ensuite accommodation for visitors. The Restore &

  • Building project: Phase 1 photo update

    Our Restore & Renew project is set to transform Epiphany House and secure the future of our work as a Conference & Retreat Centre. The project is phased so that work can be carried out as funds allow. The first

  • Letter from our Chair of Trustees

    Dear Sisters and Brothers, ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, ….’ So opens ‘The tale of Two Cities’ by C. Dickens. Thinking of cities around the globe one can imagine just how true that