Personal Retreats

“Tiredness kills.” “Let the train take the strain.” The transport authorities encourage us to travel in safety and comfort. “Be still and know that I am God.” This might be the spiritual equivalent; an invitation to give some thought to our journey with God. Pulling in to a service area gives us the chance to stretch, relax, refuel, take stock of the journey so far and assess the plan for the way ahead.

A personal retreat is a way of doing this for your spiritual life. Without being constrained by the ‘rules of the road’ you have the opportunity to draw closer to God, examining your relationship and challenging one another about the shape of your life, any pending decisions, and your desires for the future.

We also welcome those seeking individual space for prayer and reflection, whether for a few hours or a few days. As well as access to the chapel, prayer room and the peaceful garden you will have a room to yourself where you can rest, pray and reflect. All hot drinks are included and a self-service lunch can sometimes be available for you to have at your leisure. Overnight accommodation is also available if you should wish to make a longer retreat. We would suggest a donation of £15 for a personal one-day retreat or £20 if lunch is included. If you require lunch, please let us know when you book and inform us of any special dietary requirements. Overnight accommodation is available at reasonable prices if you should wish to make a longer retreat. Please contact us for availability and prices.

We can also offer spiritual direction or accompaniment as part of a personal retreat, allowing an experienced guide to help you on your journey. Please book this when you arrange your personal retreat. We would suggest a donation of £15 for a session with a spiritual director. Read more about spiritual direction.

Space for prayer and reflection