Out with the old …

Out with the old …

Saying farewell to our old mower which has done many years sterling service but sadly is now broken beyond repair, and welcome to our shiny new mower that we have been able to purchase due to the generosity of a benefactor.

For those who have far to travel

For those who have far to travel

Letter from Janette:
If you could see
the journey whole,
you might never
undertake it, might never dare
the first step
that propels you
from the place
you have known
toward the place you know not.
©Jan Richardson.  janrichardson.com
This extract from a poem by Jan Richardson entitled ‘For those who have far to travel’, really speaks to me about the journey I have been on for the last 9 years.  But the place I ‘knew not’ has become the place I love and care for deeply.  That won’t change I know as I move on to pastures new at the beginning of February. Epiphany House is a remarkable place that has brought peace and healing to so many. It is not always possible for us to share the many stories of the effects visiting the House and its grounds can have on the pilgrim, the seeker, the broken, but I thank God for it. It is for many a ‘thin place’ where they find it easier to connect with God, and despite the fact I cannot really understand the theology of place, I have certainly witnessed it. It has been an immense privilege serving here for this exciting period in the House’s history. I leave knowing that there is a very faithful and devoted team (even though very small) to carry on the work.  In addition, the Trust are advertising for new staff to complete the team as they step forward into a New Season.
May you be blessed with peace and joy this Christmas and may 2022 bring you new blessings

Audio Visual Technology for Hybrid Meetings

Audio Visual Technology for Hybrid Meetings

One of the things we have done to help us through these strange and tricky times is to invest in new Audio Visual Technology.  The kit consists of a large touch screen which can be connected with a laptop presentation – it has its own speakers and screen pens.  It also has its own internal PC so it is possible to host zoom calls from it.  This is enabling hybrid meetings connecting both online and in-person audiences and speakers and it has a clever camera which ‘senses’ who in the room is speaking and focuses in on them.  This is proving an invaluable asset.

If you would like to host a hybrid event please contact bookings@epiphanyhouse.co.uk for further information

Building Project: Phase 1 complete

Phase 1 of our Restore & Renew building project is now complete. We’re delighted to say we’ve now got our building regulations certification for the new wing at Epiphany House which will provide ensuite accommodation for visitors.

The Restore & Renew building project will transform Epiphany House and secure the future of our work as a Conference & Retreat Centre. The project is phased so that work can be carried out as funds allow. We are still fundraising and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and for your generous donations to date which have made it possible for us to get this far with the building work.

Visit our Donate page for ways in which you can support us as we continue to fundraise for the £1.5 million needed to complete the whole project.

Building project: Phase 1 photo update

Our Restore & Renew project is set to transform Epiphany House and secure the future of our work as a Conference & Retreat Centre. The project is phased so that work can be carried out as funds allow. The first phase is under way already and will convert the former garage and outbuildings into office space with a new first floor above which will house seven ensuite bedrooms with better access for those with limited mobility. Despite the delays caused by COVID-19, the builders have now been able to restart and continue to make good progress. We are still fundraising and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and for your generous donations to date which have made it possible for us to get this far with the building work.

Visit our Donate page for ways in which you can support us as we continue to fundraise for the £1.5 million needed to complete the whole project.

October 2019: building work begins

November 2019

December 2019

January – February 2020

May 2020: work resumes

August 2020: starting the inside the extension

October 2020: nearly there!

November 2020: our wonderful extension is now complete

December 2020: finishing touches

Letter from our Chair of Trustees

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, ….’ So opens ‘The tale of Two Cities’ by C. Dickens. Thinking of cities around the globe one can imagine just how true that is at this time; from Wuhan to Milan there will be stories of bravery and heroism, tragedy and loss. The human condition from its basest to its highest behaviours endeavouring to grapple with reality.

But what of us in our blessed, small plot? How are we to be?

I believe we are called to be people of hope. In the list of virtues hope often gets short measure, coming as it does so close to love, but now is the time when we should seek to recover its meaning for us. Hope looks forward; hope is about what is to come. Our House is not called ‘The Old Kenwyn Rectory’ or the ‘The Old Bishops’ Palace’ (though there were many old bishops!), nor is it called ‘The Old Cathedral School’. It is called ‘Epiphany House’, a place of ‘showing’ what is and pointing towards what is to come. We do not hope for what was but for what will be. Our ‘Restore and Renew’ Project is not halted, though no building work is going on, the vision remains in place; the tasks are continuing, the future is coming towards us. A friend has sent me an email headed ‘This too shall pass away.’ That is hope. We are not to hope that all will ‘return to normal’. God’s works are always greater than our limited imaginations and when we constrain imagination with anxiety and fear we are bound to take a wrong view.

So, take heart in these dark times, as Dickens says further on in the opening quote ‘it was the spring of hope.’ ‘Be of good cheer,’ says the Lord, ‘I have overcome the world’ (Jn 16:33)

May each and everyone of you be sustained by the Spirit of hope which will bring you into the fullness of the presence of the Living God.

I look forward to seeing as many as can attend at the AGM, whenever that may be.

Leslie T Attwood.

Restore & Renew: Building begins this month!

Restore & Renew: Building begins this month!

We are delighted to announce that we will be starting work on our Restore & Renew project later this month. The first phase will provide ensuite bedrooms with better access for those with limited mobility, a glass-roofed reception area which will also offer additional flexible dining space, plus space for the office, laundry and other ‘workings’ of the House. This phase will involve the conversion of the garage and outbuildings, so disruption to the House should be kept to a minimum while the building work is in progress with ‘business as usual’ throughout the duration of the project. Our fundraising continues and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and for your generous donations to date which have made it possible for us to start the building work.

Visit our Donate page for ways in which you can support us as we continue to fundraise for the £1.5 million needed to complete the whole project.

Artist's impression of Epiphany House once phase 1 of the Restore & Renew project is complete.
An artist’s impression of Phase 1 of the Restore & Renew project.

Members raise £6,000 for Restore & Renew Appeal

Members raise £6,000 for Restore & Renew Appeal

On Tuesday 21st May, our fundraising appeal was launched to Members of The Epiphany Trust. The Chair of the Trust, Revd Leslie Attwood, spoke to Members after a service held in the beautiful and inspiring chapel at Epiphany House. As the evening sunlight streamed in through the window, Revd Attwood spoke of the meaning the House has for people, the facilities and services it offers, and its place in the life of the Church and the wider community.

A growing need

Many people value the House as a meeting place, as a significant historic building and as a ‘thin place’ saturated in years of prayer with a distinctive ‘otherness’ which is apparent to those who visit. We are delighted when people report that ‘We make good decisions  here’, and tell of encounters with God – and even ‘Epiphany moments’ which can lead to life-changing transformation and renewal.

We seek to offer exemplary Christian hospitality to all those who come, whether they are seeking retreat space or come for business. The need for our facilities is growing rapidly – it’s exciting to see how we are growing – but we are turning away people who would benefit from coming because we do not have enough meeting rooms or accessible accommodation. In addition to these needs we also want to be good stewards of our physical heritage by restoring historically important features of the building, and to be good stewards of the ‘sacred space’ by continuing our rhythm of prayer and worship. You can read more about our building plans in this news article.

A successful start to the campaign

We don’t receive any external funding so we’re seeking to raise funds for the work from grants and donations. We need to raise £1.5 million in order to carry out all of our plans. It’s a big ask, but our generous Members have already kick-started our public fundraising with donations totalling more than £6,000, in addition to a grant from All Churches Trust and donations from Old Truronians which brings our fundraising total so far to almost £21,000. We will be carrying out building works as funds allow.

Can you help us to help more people?

There are many ways that you can support us – here are a few ideas:

  • Make a donation today to our building fund! Donate online via give.net, run by Stewardship, to The Epiphany Trust (Truro) Ltd: https://www.give.net/20207104 or send a cheque made payable to Epiphany House, to us at Epiphany House, Truro, TR1 3DR.
  • Consider making us part of your regular giving by setting up a monthly direct debit or standing order – please contact us for details.
  • Fundraising — perhaps you like baking, or organising events, or are looking for a good reason to do something adventurous…
  • Pray for the House and for our ministry.
  • Tell other people about what we do and raise awareness of our mission and our plans.

If you’d like to contribute in any of these ways, or have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear from you — come to the office or get in touch with us at info@epiphanyhouse.co.uk or 01872 857953.

Refresh Days for Carers at Epiphany House

We are passionate about providing quiet space for people and one of the ways we are able to do that is through our Refresh Days for unpaid carers.

Caring responsibilities often fall on the shoulders of the partners and family of those who need support, sometimes causing significant emotional and physical stress. Many of these carers are unpaid, and their responsibilities can cause them to feel isolated from friends and other support networks.

Our most recent Refresh Day took place on Friday 15th February. We were delighted to be able to offer a day away from their caring responsibilities for a group of 11 unpaid carers, giving them space to rest and to connect with other carers in similar roles.

The day included a morning training session with the brilliant team at Promas CIC (check out their free courses for unpaid carers on their website at http://www.promas.co.uk). The session focussed on helping carers to look after themselves in their caring role – a vital and sometimes overlooked part of being a carer. After a two-course lunch, there were afternoon craft activities led by Debbie from Inspiring Women Network, time for painting and other artwork, or space to enjoy the garden or to walk the labyrinth. The hand massages provided by Emma Skilton using Neal’s Yard products were a special and much-anticipated treat – the room smelt gorgeous afterwards! We had a team of volunteers on hand through the day to help people to feel at home and to offer a listening ear if needed. We wanted to do everything that we could to help the carers feel valued, and were so pleased to be able to offer each person a small gift bag to take away with them. Some of the carers were able to take a longer break and stay with us overnight in our retreat accommodation, with a light supper and breakfast the next morning to send them on their way refreshed and ready to take up their caring roles again.

“Thank you so much. I feel rested but also have recovered a part of myself which gets lost during my caring roles. I laughed, relaxed and ate and felt cared for. Thank you so much!”

All of this was free of charge to the carers, thanks to grant funding from Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC)  and additional funds from The Epiphany Trust (Truro) Ltd, the charitable trust which runs Epiphany House. Our grateful thanks also go to Promas CIC and to our volunteers for offering their time to support this event.

This is the second Refresh day that we have held. They have proved to be very popular and we plan to hold another Refresh day later in the year. If you would like us to let you know when our plans are in place for the next one, please join our Refresh Day mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/gmX1m9.

“Days like today make you realise that you have other skills and gives you a day to really think of yourself. The day allowed me to totally forget about my worries, stresses and things I have to do, which is very rare. The opportunity to talk to other carers is very valuable to make you feel you are not alone. The location was perfect, very calming, fantastically welcoming staff and a beautiful lunch.”

Labyrinth blessing ceremony

Labyrinth at Epiphany House

Our new prayer labyrinth in the grounds of the House was officially opened on Thursday 25th October in a special blessing ceremony led by The Right Reverend Chris Goldsmith, Bishop of St Germans.

The labyrinth is octagonal in design with a star at the centre, a symbol that recalls the Community of the Epiphany, the order of Anglican nuns who lived at the House until 2003. Janette Mullet, House Director, said ‘We hope that the labyrinth will be a fitting tribute and celebration of all that the Community of the Epiphany stood for. The labyrinth is open to all, and we hope that it will be a place of spiritual connection and insight for those who walk it’s path’.

Bishop Chris blesses the labyrinth

During the blessing service, Bishop Chris reminded those present of the special nature of a journey through a labyrinth and connected it to the wider theme of pilgrimage. The twists and turns of the path offer opportunities to reflect on the path that life takes; the stillness in the centre a place of offering to God and receiving from him; the journey out from the centre a time to focus on looking forward.

The labyrinth, a single winding path leading to a central point, is an ancient tradition found in many different cultures and has been been used for prayer by the Christian church for more than a thousand years. One of the most famous labyrinths today is the 13th century labyrinth in the cathedral of Chartres, France.

The labyrinth was installed by David and Anthea Lovelock, two of our wonderful team of volunteers, ably assisted by our gardener and handyman Michael Harbage. The star design in the centre was made by Mark Higman, a long-standing friend of the House and husband to our Housekeeper, Maria.

The labyrinth is outdoors in the grounds of Epiphany House. Prayer sheets are available to borrow from the House during opening hours. There is no need to book.